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The importance of nail care and grooming for your pets

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Nail care is often overlooked, but can be a crucial component to consider for your dog’s health and wellbeing. Some potential complications of long nails can include poor posture and joint problems, and also poor traction on slippery floors such as laminate or vinyl (a common choice for pets at home).

At Woodley Acres Pet Resort, we have added a number of new Spa services to serve your pets better while in our care. Nail care is now a popular choice for many as there is less harm when that excited pup comes back to greet you after his holiday jumping up with excitement and joy! A nice addition to the nails tends to be the furry foot trim – by allowing us to remove the excess fur around the pads of your dogs paws to increase traction for smooth floors and makes for easy paw clean up on messy days outside.

A warm and soothing bath is another popular choice here at the resort, where our furry guests will receive a hypoallergenic soothing wash with our Pet Care specialists massaging your pet in the process helping them feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you have any questions about our Spa services, or would like to reserve a spot please give us a call or text at 306-660-PETS (7387). We are happy to help!

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