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What lodging your pets looks like at the resort

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We have heard of many other centres popping up in and around the Regina area. We truly believe this is great as there continues to be a growing need for pet care in our area. With the increasing options for pet care popping up, it is important to consider what it is you as the pet parent really want for your furry family member when deciding on a safe place for them to stay.

Every centre has their own claim to fame, or focus when it comes to providing pet care. At Woodley Acres, we have always followed the holistic approach as it is important to us that our guests are care for properly with their individual needs and age-related considerations are taken into account. 

Forgot their bed at home? Woodley Acres Pet Resort offers comfy plush beds and raised cots to suit your pet's needs while on holiday. This helps you with less packing, and more time to get to your holiday destination too!

One of the biggest benefits a Pet Resort has to offer, is the amount of space that they offer for dogs to run and play. We pride ourselves in having our two large playgrounds with plans to expand for even more space for fun! We also now offer customizable activities for dogs and cats in our care, such as nature walks, puzzle toys, and snufflemats just to name a few! They may also decide to visit our on-site Spa, where they can enjoy a soothing hypoallergenic bath, or professional nail trimming service safely reduce harm from jumping up and making them feel more comfortable walking on hard floors.

We’ve also added a selection of quality brand name treats and food for spoiling your dog or cat while here at the resort! You can view anytime online at our virtual store by clicking here. It has become popular for our guests to pick out a favourite treat that they know their dog or cat will enjoy on their holiday.

Should you have any specific questions about how we can serve your pet, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 306-660-PETS

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