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Doggie Daycamp and why your dog needs it

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It's a new year, and maybe that has you thinking about ways to keep your dog happy and engaged throughout the year. Last year, a new and very fun service that is very popular in Pet Care across North America has come to our local community in Indian Head. We launched a very unique Dog Daycare program we call – Daycamp Enrichment Program for all dogs that need that extra care and attention while you go to work.

It is also a popular choice for those who just want to get their pet out and social! All the lockdown measures we see and continue to navigate through can be detrimental to your pet’s social wellbeing – if they are not regularly getting out and meeting other dogs. Industry experts are worried about the post pandemic effects of dogs returning to pet care centres where the environment becomes unfamiliar and can lead to dogs displaying social anxiety.

Some of the benefits we have seen in our program since it started last year include:

  • Enrolled dogs having more play and making buddies with other dogs they see on a regular basis
  • The structure and routine is more like a nursery school than a recess yard, where puppies thrive in a routine that is predictable and safe leading to increased confidence and fun
  • Educated team members working with the dogs to reinforce positive behaviours in play and obedience cues
  • Interactive and fun activities, such as puzzle toys, snuffle mats, and ball pit play that caters to all ages of pets in our care
  • A unique combination of playtime followed by individualized attention with our team
  • Mental exercise games, done one on one with our dogs giving them that balance in play they require in addition to increased confidence and self-control

Just some of the activities we have done at our doggie Daycamp program include: Ball pit fun, pool days, Easter treat hunt, Santa Pictures, place command, K9-Klimb activity games, hide-and-seek, follow the leader, puzzle games, treat dispensing fun, Kongsicle treats, Nature hikes, and so much more!

If you would like to learn more about our program, and how to get your dog involved – give us a call 306-660-PETS (7387). Even having your dog attend 1 day a week regularly will help your dog’s social skills and confidence levels.

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