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Pet Dental Awareness and Health

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Many of you may have known that February is Pet Dental Awareness Month, though we are now into March it doesn’t mean that the conversation has to stop around it.

There are 4 ways you can take care of your pets teeth and gums. These options include:

  • Feeding your pet dry crunchy kibble
  • Offering chew bones and toys
  • Visiting with your veterinarian for routine check-ups
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly

Feeding your pet dry crunchy kibbles is more beneficial for your pet’s gums and teeth as it is less likely to stick to them and cause decay – like soft food such as canned.

Chew bones are a great way for your pet to enjoy cleaning their teeth, on their terms. Chew bones such as beef tendons, or hypoallergenic processed bones are healthy, tasty, and break up the plaque that may be found on your dog’s teeth. Organic Honeysuckle disks are a great option for our feline friends, which have the same irresistible reactions as catnip but safe to chew, play, and have fun.

Visiting with your pet’s veterinarian for routine check ups is very important. Most clinics will offer dental services such as teeth cleaning, polishing, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery. Check in with your Veterinarian to discuss your pet’s next health exam.

Take care of your pet’s teeth by brushing them regularly. It is very important to AVOID using human tooth paste for your pets as it contains fluoride which is extremely poisonous to animals. Brushing your pet’s teeth is the single most effective thing you can do as a pet parent to keep their teeth healthy between routine vet visits, and may reduce the frequency or even eliminate the need for periodic dental cleaning by your veterinarian. Pet tooth paste are widely available, and can be purchased – most pets enjoy the flavour of them making it a positive experience to have their teeth cleaned.

Recently, the practice of using stabilized ozone water to clean and kill harmful bacteria on teeth and gums has proven its effectiveness. A recently published study found ozone water used in dentistry lessens the treatment time and eradicates the bacterial count more specifically. Tersano products sold right here produce stabilized ozone water used to kill harmful bacteria yet completely safe for humans and pets. The iClean Mini is a great household option with many uses that can save you time and money. Learn more about Tersano products by visiting our page. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions that you might have on this topic.

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